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Weight loss has been an issue that has affected very many people including the celebrities that we all love to adore because they always present a picture perfect image of themselves. One of them is Robert Kardashian who is famously referred to as Rob. He is a reality TV that has been grappling with weight issues for quite some time now.

He piled on some weight apparently due to suffering from depression as a result of breaking up with a girlfriend. Rumor has it that he turned to food for comfort and never exercised and thus the massive weight gain. He has been very vocal about his struggles signifying that after all he is still human.

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His situation started attracting bad publicity for him with people all over expressing their shock at how he could allow himself to gain weight at such an alarming rate. This in turn aggravated his problems and it led him to isolating himself thinking that he was a failure and a shame to his family.


His family had to intervene when it got out of hand. They offered all sorts of encouragement even volunteering to attend gym sessions with him. This was not working at all because he would come up with all sorts of excuses for not being in a position to make it for a workout session.


The real wakeup call came when he bailed out of his sister Kim’s wedding because he didn’t want to appear on the family photos while looking fat. He hit the gym this time determined to get his old body back and this time on a serious note. Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson who said he would make sure he endured the whole exercise regimen that would include high intensity full body exercises, cardio and resistance training. His diet also had to change into a much healthier one that did not include fast foods.


Although it was tough to considering his busy schedule, he has done a lot to try and fit his health and fitness into it. The tremendous progress can be seen right now and he seem to be happy with the results so far. This has been a great turnaround for him health wise and the risks of getting weight related illnesses has been reduced.


The journey has been with its ups and downs but the results are a clear indicator that it was worth the sweat shed during the long hour exercises. Whether people admit it or not, he sure does look good and at least he looks comfortable in his own skin.

Weight Loss Battle


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